If there was any question whether the state of music in South Florida was malingering, Paul Holland just blew it out of the water. – Christian Clarke

Paultergeist, as he’s known, was relegated to sideman accordion player in popular Lake Worth act Viva Le Vox. With his new project, Que Lastima, he has unsheathed a full arsenal of honorifics: composer, arranger, frontman, pianist, organist, guitarist, singer, hellraiser, and false prophet.

The band’s live shows don’t convey music so much as reach out, grab your throat, and force-feed an epiphany of experience akin to a tent revival. As if the performances weren’t enough, there’s the album. Fever Dreams isn’t just a standout for local recordings; in the humble opinion of this writer, it is among the very best albums of 2014.

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