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Recently we put a few songs up to test if they were radio friendly. We know they are not radio friendly, we just wanted to get our music out there and hear what reverberation users had to say. We were very pleased with people’s responses, but we would like to address one in particular, regarding our song “We’re Already Dead”.

“I dont like the way that the song sounds dark and depressing . I do not like how the singer keeps talking about death because it puts a very negative feeling on the song. I feel the singer is talking about death to much when he is singing. In my opinion music is supposed to be a positive thing not a negative thing.”

Here is the songwriter, Paultergeist’s response to that individual:

I was surprised to find someone thought “We’re Already Dead” was a negative song. It’s a song about enjoying life, and not dwelling in anger, sadness, materialism, or our dysfunctional ideas of love. In our society, teens are getting into shit way too mature for them at a younger age, trying to be older than they are, and missing out on precious childhood experiences. Older people are injecting themselves with hormones and spending life savings on plastic surgery to look younger. One is in a rush to the grave and the other is trying to run away from it, and both are a shame. You might as well try to push back the tides. If yer young, enjoy it while it lasts. If you are getting old, do it gracefully. I think it’s beautiful. The only thing guaranteed to anybody is that we’re gonna die. It’s SO set in stone, in fact, that we are already dead. So enjoy your lives. Anytime I get too caught up in my depression, or my resentment, or my desire, I remember that I’m already dead, and I realize which of the things are important and which are petty.


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